Your First Appointment

At Elegant Smiles, we make every effort to keep you informed of your options at all times: at every stage, you will know what is happening in regards to your treatment and fees.

Your first visit is an information gathering appointment. When you arrive, we’ll ask you to fill out a health history form and show you around our practice. At the beginning of your appointment, we will talk about your concerns and dental history. The examination starts outside of your mouth with an extra-oral assessment of your head and neck to check for and abnormal lumps, bumps or sore spots. During your jaw joint analysis, we assess your jaw joint and facial muscles for movement, soreness, clicks or grating.

We begin your intra-oral examination by doing an oral cancer screen: assessing all of the soft tissues in your mouth (cheeks, tongue, gums, floor of your mouth, palate, tonsils and back of your throat) to ensure there is nothing growing in your mouth that shouldn’t be! Your teeth are viewed together and individually allowing us to assess your bite, chewing ability and the condition of your fillings and teeth (we even check them for hidden cracks which could later cause pain, or your teeth to break!). Each tooth has its condition recorded onto a chart, which is continually updated. Your gums are fully assessed for the presence of any gum disease and if you wear a denture, this is also assessed for fit, comfort, aesthetics and function.

We take a series of clinical photos which allows us to compare changes in the condition of your teeth over time, which we can not get from the chart and radiographs (x-rays). Digital radiographs are taken of your back teeth and any other teeth of concern which allows us to see “inside” the tooth and bone for problems we can not see clinically. The results of the clinical photos and radiographs are shown to you and discussed with you, which allows you to ask any questions you may have. After all our information had been gathered, we put together a treatment plan of what needs to be done and discuss with you the problems and varying solutions for treatment.

The maximum fee you will pay for your initial examination appointment is $320.00, regardless of how many radiographs or clinical photos we take. For example, if we were to take 8 radiographs and clinical photos during your examination appointment  the normal fee for the whole appointment would be $574.00 but you only pay $320.00 (with private dental health insurance, you receive your rebate as well). We also do not charge for anything we do not do, so if you need an examination, 2 radiographs and clinical photos, the fee will be $262.00 (with private dental health insurance, you receive your rebate as well). If you have a scale and clean completed with your examination there will be an additional fee for this service.

Regular dental visits are not only important for your teeth, but also your general health as well. To find out why, click here

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