Prevention Education Restoration Enhancement


The philosophy behind everything we do at Elegant Smiles is Prevention, Education, Restoration and Enhancement.

Prevention: All dental diseases can be prevented. By having regular examinations and active maintenance treatment (including regular scale and cleans) as recommended by your dentist, we can help to maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

Education: We enjoy you asking questions about your dental treatment. Learning about how dental diseases occur and what options are available to treat them, allows you to make better-informed choices regarding your treatment options, and it helps you prevent further dental disease.

Restoration: Our goal is to restore your mouth to give you strong, healthy teeth that allow you to smile, talk and laugh with confidence…and eat what you want on both sides! Restorative dentistry includes everything from small tooth-coloured restorations on decayed or broken teeth, strengthening existing teeth with crowns, replacing missing teeth with bridges or implants, and making dentures.

Enhancement: An elegant smile can make a difference to people’s lives. The highlight of our day is when a patient comments to us how much better they feel about how they look after their visit with us. This can be as simple as removing visible staining after your regular scale and clean, to whitening of your teeth, or as complex as a smile makeover.